The encyclopedia of KLYNTAR ecosystem

What are these docs(book) about?

MasteringKlyntar is a large book dedicated to the KLY ecosystem, a collection of useful explanations of code fragments, patterns and key mechanisms. Here you will get a deep understanding of how all the components of KLYNTAR work, how to use them to build whatever you want and make this world a better place.
This is a kind of ELI5, so that you can step by step understand all the potential capabilities of KLYNTAR. Please note that we are constantly updating this book, adding new interesting materials. Go from basics to detailed explanations.
As a CTO and CEO, I hope that this book will be useful to both beginners and experienced developers who will work together with us on our common mission.
Note that this book is not our single source of knowledge. Follow us on different
platforms to find out more!
It's still a non - release version
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