KLY ecosystem and importance for the world

Find out what other projects will rely on KLYNTAR

A little information

KLYNTAR will develop in many directions. In particular, this is revealed a little in the Web1337 release and in our future developments - NewNews projects, the cloud and other cool things.
Using KLYNTAR technologies - unobtanium, access to many networks and other features, it will not be difficult to build new projects.
We already have developments and most of them do not relate to the topic of cryptocurrencies in principle. It will be something completely different, but with the full power of KLYNTAR
Keep for updates. This and other pages will be updated soon and will be supplemented as the project develops

Current mindmap

Currently, we built the minmap of future ecosystem. There are more 20+ products that will be open-source, mutable(extendable by everyone), decentralized. Moreover, we're not talking about ordinary "virtual" products. Thanks to ability of smart-contracts of real world(RWX contracts) we'll launch 2.0 versions of major of products.