Pseudo ICO

Coins and more
Everything described below is subject to change prior to release

Initial distribution

Each symbiote must have a name, and we want to help you with it too. First, we are preparing such console art for the most famous symbiotes.
We plan to sell them on a smart contract as a bonus or make them part of a bounty program. These shortcuts will replace the default ugly addresses with such beautiful and memorable symbiote names. They work as aliases and associations with some default address format. We will also mention symbiotes by their tags, write information about them by name, and browsers will display chain data by this tag. Mapping address ⇒ alias will be in our repository in releases, so each client can have such a mapping.
There are only 2 symbiotes whose names are already taken - these are kNULL and AntiVenom
kNULL will be our initial developer-driven chain with our infrastructure as the controller. There will also be an initial distribution of a part of the issue. The set of hostchains for kNULL will be announced later.
AntiVenom will be a kind of official testnet, allowing developers to test their tokens, services and pipelines. We definitely assume the existence of more than one testnet.

Custom aliases

We will be constantly updating the repository with new names, but you can create aliases yourself and associate them with any symbiote (although this is not recommended). For example, here is how it looks in configs:


The total emission will be 8 billion KLY coins. This is symbolism, because this is an approximate number of the population of the Earth. We want everyone to be able to have at least 1 KLY coin. By the way, the distribution will be more interesting. Seeing a lot of crappy social media ads about “revolutionary new” tokens or coins with no unique features or ideas, I wonder how people even had the audacity to release something like this. And what is even more terrible, their desire is to sell you as much as possible, and then dilute and bring out the ever-mined ones. Therefore, we are not going to conduct any ICO, pre-sales or something like that. PoS-based projects are usually criticized for the fact that the premine procedure is unclear and raises questions about fair play. Hence, projects try to mitigate this in various unusual ways (such as the TON project), in any case this procedure is usually shrouded in obscurity and you can see large balances on unknown addresses with no activity. That is why we decided to pay attention to a certain quantum experiment - the Wheeler experiment with delayed choice.
Another name for this experiment is the Galactic Interferometer. You can read about it, but in a nutshell - by installing a lens system on Earth, you close the system of potential photon paths and can influence the trajectory of light, even if these are photons produced by some star and transmitted through billions of light years to your lens. In this way, you can influence the path of the light in the past, which looks very strange to untrained people. We also want to influence the past in order to bring about change in the future.
We want to distribute 80% of the emission to miners, validators and crypto-loyal users in general
We decided to take the TOP-50 CoinMarketCap projects, take the 10,000 most active addresses (miners, validators, stakers) and make such a distribution in the equivalent of 12,800 KLY to the address
According to simple calculations:
80 % от 8 billions of KLY = 6.4 billions KLY
So,each address wil receive:
6 400 000 000 KLY coins / (50 projects * 10K addresses) = 12.8K
Simply put, imagine if KLYNTAR coins were created through a mining process. To simulate this process, we will give the miners this amount of coins as an additional reward to the blocks they mined a few months ago! The same goes for different stakers who invested in different projects in the early stages. Thus, we want to draw the attention of users of all crypto projects to start mining Unobtanium on KLYNTAR through their resources on the projects they support, and, of course, to make the procedure for the initial distribution of emission clear and fair. I hope you won't claim that the KlyntarTeam owns the private keys associated with the first bitcoin miners and their millions since 2009 (when I was 7 years old 🤣). Thus, by this advancement, we are influencing the past—literally, as in Wheeler's paradox, to build the future. When we start the kNULL chain, such addresses will be included in the genesis state with the corresponding initial balances
Soon we will also tell you about the distribution of this emission among symbiotes