Why did we've decided to create KLYNTAR
From an early age I'm in love with crypto industry. Among tons of hustlers who are here only because of money & gambling, I(and our @KlyntarTeam) really appreciate the impact of valuable projects which bring improvements to our world. Instead of being 26899th scam NFT or 5684th "revolutionary crypto project" we want to bring real value to the industry. We've started KLYNTAR with @ushkoff at 16 as NewNews, but during the development process everyone has been proposing a lot of improvements, so very soon we've decided to replan our initial intentions and create a more general purpose project. At the beginning of our initial whitepaper, you can see some kind of disclaimer «...No, it’s not another DeFi shit token,10th generation of Doge clones, «amazing» cross-chain bridge or some scam NFT project» The lack of really technically original projects in recent years has also served as a motivation for us to work and present an MVP version of the future Goliath. Our goal is not to sell 10 billion pre-mined coins to fools and become the 10,000th project at the CoinMarketCap rate. Our goal is to refresh the spirit of the times of geeks in the best traditions of the first crypto projects, when literally every month was the birthday of something new and interesting.
During the development process, we used the latest and best available technologies, algorithms and architectural features. Of course, I don’t like loud headlines, but I couldn’t resist here. Perhaps you now rolled your eyes and sighed, saying, "I've heard this before"
This is my face when I read about another mega revolutionary 35313513315th EVM project
but due to the peculiarity of KLYNTAR, such as symbiosis with other projects, the team and I had to work a lot with other projects - go deep into the documentation, read WhitePapers, test the SDK, run nodes, and so on. Thus, we got a good experience, as we understood what most projects suffer from (both at the code level and at the architecture level), analyzed the shortcomings that the developers themselves admit and, in the end, gave the world KLYNTAR, since it is obvious that the volume ideas and suggestions goes beyond the simple improvement proposals that every self-respecting project has. We hope that we will be able to interest you and remember - join us and we will do cool things together!
Let's start the journey!