What is under the hood? Let's start with the basic of each crypto project-cryptography. Here you can read and find out more about cryptographic primitives used on KLYNTAR for the different cases
KLY has the most advanced & latest & reliable crypto algorithms for its workflows. It concerns signatures schemes, symmetric encryption, PQC(post quantum) schemes, multisignatures and so on! We especially present them step by step to substantiate their role on KLYNTAR. We're proud of this set because we've spent much time to find and include the best variants. Traditionally, all we know the most important postulate of cryptography: Don't use your custom algorithms All crypto algorithms on KLYNTAR are:
  • Open source(obviously)
  • Taken from official builds(e.g. native modules, libs and so on)
  • Written by well known companies(e.g. this repo by CloudFlare experts or this by Coinbase)
  • Tested following Diverse Double-Compiling scheme(like placebo against Thompson attack. Read more). We've found at least several implementations of the same algorithm and tested them to compare that results will be the same and different authors haven't bugs.