KLY Improvement Proposals
To suggest changes and improvements, we have created a separate repository. There are already some suggestions there and using them you can offer your own according to a similar template.

We appreciate your work

We undertake to transfer part of the commissions to developers and active users. The decision will be made only by the community within the framework of social consensus. Additionally, we certainly do not prohibit if individual symbiotes or services on KLYNTAR see fit to sponsor individual developers or teams. Everyone's contribution is important👍
Stay tuned for updates and more information on this. The page will be updated as the project grows

KIP-X and mutations

In previous parts you learn more about Mutations principle. Mutations allow KLY ecosystem to implement features and improvements instantly, even they are in conflict.
The KIP-X is a special improvement proposal which propose to use mutations for improvement proposals. For this you can use containerization technologies like Docker to propose your feature to network and make available instantly to be used by all the products/services in KLY ecosystem.
Details soon